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South Carolina Transportation Funding, FY1999 – FY2015

SC Transportation Expenditures and Revenues

Using data from Audited Financial Reports (Fiscal Years 1998-99 through 2014-2015) of the SC Department of Transportation and the SC State Infrastructure Transportation Bank, along with the Fiscal Year 2014 Local Government Finance Report, trends in transportation revenues and expenditures since 1999 highlight spending levels and sources.

Key Points

  • Overall increase in expenditures at the county level, from $132M in FY1999 to $354M in FY2014, representing a real (2014 US$), per person increase from $49 to $75.
  • Increasing state DOT spending leading up to the Great Recession, followed by decreased spending during and after. 
  • Generally flat revenues from motor fuel tax since 2007. Sharp declines in federal grants during the Great Recession, followed by restored funding.

Growth Rates

Between Fiscal Years 1999 and 2014, total transportation expenditures grew from $1,009M to $1,927M, representing an increase of %92. Adjusted for population growth and inflation, expenditures were $412 in FY 2014, representing an increase over 1999, but lower levels than during most of the period.