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Acuitas Economics is a full-service data analytics and economics consulting firm specializing in public finance, labor, workforce, and economic development. We deliver expert analysis, strategy, and policy recommendations for complex economic topics to governments, businesses, agencies, and non-profits across multiple service areas.
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Projects at Acuitas Economics go beyond traditional analysis by employing the latest technologies with complex statistical methods to uncover insights and develop data-driven solutions. We deliver easy-to-understand, actionable results to clients through a variety of methods, from static reports and presentations to customized real-time dynamic dashboard web portals.

Economic Assessment

Bringing expertise in economic research and best practices, we assess the economic and fiscal impacts of changes in policy and regulations, accounting for dynamic changes in an uncertain environment.

Dynamic Business Intelligence

We deliver results the way you want them, including web-based solutions enabling you to drill down, report, query and analyze your data through dynamic dashboards.

Data Analytics & Visualization

We gather insights from your data by employing analytic methods, including linear & logistic regression, text analytics, clustering techniques, data visualization, and optimization algorithms.

Collaborative Partnerships

Forming partnerships with you is our driving principle. We fully integrate with your team to build skills and achieve goals that are fully understood and shared.

Technology Integration

We evaluate your needs to identify ideal methods to use your data to share data insights, through new custom web-portals or through APIs embedded in your own applications.

Program Evaluation

We build a thorough understanding of your programs’ process and technology, assess their efficacy, and identify quantitative-based optimization solutions.


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Investigate a sampling of our economic and fiscal analysis supporting public entities, non-profits, and industries in making decisions about development and policy issues. Or, explore all our projects.
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